At Betty´s Maple- to the north of Javorina there is the peak of the range described as At Betty´s Marple (828m).

The legend recorded in 1951 by František Zavadil, a local chronicler, is connected with this place: In the last century a brave girl lived in Strání. Her name was Betty. As a herder she drove cows to pasture but she also took care of sheep, mainly in forests around Javorina. She slept in forests at summer nights. She took food for a week and returned home only when she was running out of it. Her typical meal was bread and cheese. She was not missing anything besides drinkable water. And this became fatal to her. Once when she was eating her daily portion of bread and cheese, a bite got stuck in her dry throat and the girl chocked to death. After several days she was found at her most favourite place, near a maple tree. Thus, today the place is called At Betty´s Maple.


Water spring (called in the local dialect Cicurek) - it is mountain water which springs to surface in Květná. This water is clean and really delicious, and it is probably the reason why it is so popular among mothers who come here with bottles to take water for their children. The Cicúrek water spring is one stop of the Květná Natural Trail which starts at the glassworks in Květná.




Janáček´s spring (Březová “sour” spring water) - a spring of ferric water located between Strání and Březová villages. The easiest way how to get there is from the crossroads Staré Díly under Březová (about 1 km walk). A parking lot is situated nearby. However, we recommend a nice walk directly from Strání or Květná.


Nová hora (New Mountain) - its peak towers over Květná, a part of Strání. Nová Hora (New Mountain) provides amazing views and moreover, on its south-west slopes there is a natural reserve bearing the same name, while on its north-west hillside there are two mineral water springs having been used for a long time. Generally, it is a broken terrain formed by the set of small woods, bushes, meadows, pastures, and narrow valleys with the surface area of 29.6 hectares. This small mountain range is situated from 380 to 510 meters above sea level.



Mechnáčky - this area is a nature sanctuary. Remains of Carpathian meadows rich in many species of both xerophilic and swamp plant communities have become the subject of protection. These meadows are one stop of the Květná Natural Trail. The Mechnáčky hills offer a beautiful view of Strání with adjacent meadows and woods. You can also see the transmitter (communication tower) on the top of Velká Jarvorina and the military lookout tower on Jelenec hill, while on the opposite side there is a marvelous view of Velký Lopeník.



The Květná Moravian Glassworks – the beginning of glass production in Květná is connected with the noble house of Lichtenstein. This noble family founded the glassworks as early as in 1794 relying on the near deposit of glass-making sand and an option to use large volumes of wood. The glassworks in Květná is the oldest glassworks in Moravia and the plant ranks among the oldest factories of this type in the Czech Republic as a whole. The glassworks specialises in manually blown glass decorated by cutting, acid etching, painting, engraving, and sandblasting. For more than 200 years the glassworks has produced glasses for beverages and decorated glass of classical and modern shapes. Products manufactured by glassblowers from Květná made this plant famous all over the world. The Open House Day is organised twice a year. Apart from seeing glassworks production you can buy glass articles for a very favourable price. It is also possible to have an individual glassworks tour, just call tel. 572 619 111.



Ladislav Breznický Glassworks - It is a family company manufacturing glass using traditional procedures and producing thin artistic and functional glass. An individual tour is possible after an agreement made on the phone no.774 939 496.


Velká Javorina - having 970 metres above the sea level is the highest mountain of the White Carpathians. The top of Javorina with original beech forests is a part of the Javorina National Nature Reserve which includes virgin forest plantation on the calcareous flysch of the northern slope and the community of mountain meadows on the top and northern slope of Velka Javorina. Since 2008 any intervention into the forest at the area of 165 hectares has been absolutely excluded as this area was declared to be the virgin forest. You can climb Javorina from Květná following the green tourist sign. You can also drive a car from the Slovak side or ride a bicycle from Strání. Velká Javorina has also become a symbol of Czech-Slovak mutuality and friendship. The Festival of Brotherhood between Slovaks and Czechs is held always the last Sunday in July, and this festival has had a long tradition. If you are tired, you can refresh yourself in the Holuby Chalet offering meals and drinks.




Štrbákovec - is a former pheasant house which is a monument of vernacular architecture. House No. 216 with a grange and a decorative window framing ranks among valuable evidence of vernacular architecture in the municipality and together with the neighbouring house forms a unified structure. Currently, the premises serve especially during the traditional parish feast (hody) and Faschank (folk pre-Lent and Mardi Gras festivities).



Göpfert´s and Zahn´s Vilas in Květná- The villa of Max Göpfert was built at the beginning of the 20th century by Emanuel Zahn (junior). After the World War Two in 1945 it was conversed into flats. There were five flats and a dentist surgery. In 1966 all tenants had to move out because the reconstruction of this building was commenced and paid by the state. The building was conversed into the health care centre and it serves this purpose even today. The villa of Emanuel Zahn is located on the premises of the glassworks. Its construction was launched before 1900. Emanuel Zahn, an owner of the glassworks, moved with his family in the building in 1901. After the World War Two the building housed a kindergarten, and later it was used as an administrative building for the glassworks.


Schiller´s Villa in Květná - Adolf Huber, the local medical practitioner, had this house (No. 330) built probably in 1902 according to the project of an Austrian architect. Mr Huber lived and worked in this house until 1934 when the house was purchased by Marie and Karel Schiller. The villa was reconstructed after 1980.


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