Strání is rich in cultural traditions or folk customs and it can boast about a beautiful folk costume which remained unchanged until today in several distinctive types. Strání is known as a cultural centre of the Slovacko district (i.e. the Moravian-Slovakian district). Different events having not only local importance are regularly held here and they are always attended by foremost personalities from different corners of our country, but also representatives from abroad. Various associations registered in our village take part in many events accompanied by music or amusing performances.


Pre-Lent  Festivities (Faschang)

It  is always held at the turn of February and March and its tradition dates back to 1987. It starts on Friday (pre-Lent period) five days before Ash Wednesday and is closed on Tuesday by Mardi Gras (Fat-Tuesday) walk-around (dancers go round the whole village) during which local guys of all age-groups dance  a “sword dance” called in the local dialect “Pod šable”. This festival is the largest festival of pre-Lent and Mardi Grass traditions in the Czech Republic.


Parish Feast (Hody)

The Parish Feast represents another important tradition in our village. The date is the same as the Christian holiday known as the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (the weekend in the middle of September), to which the local church was consecrated. The whole village is involved in this amusing weekend, youth of the village led by the Parish Feast Head (called stárek) takes over from the Mayor the reign over the village for the time of the Parish Feast.  


New Year´s Eve

Even New Year´s Eve has become a tradition. For several years Czechs and Slovaks meet one another in order to celebrate the last day of the year by climbing up the highest mountain in the White Carpathians  - Velka Javorina. After reaching the top they return back to the local square where they light the Friendship Bonfire and sing together the original Czechoslovak anthem. 


Javorina Festival 

Traditional meetings of Czechs and Slovaks on the top of the White Carpathians. This event is held at the turn of July and August. There are concerts and performances of different music bands and assemblies. The race (run) to the top of Velka Javorina has become an integral part of this event.


March of Parents with Children  

This event is organised on or close to the Children´s Day (June 1). It is co-organised by parents from Květná who prepare entertaining and interesting games and contests for children. Apart from other things, children learn, under the supervision of medical professionals, basic elements of the first aid.  


Festival of Brass Bands  called “Pod Javorinů”  (“Under Javorina”)

The festival of brass bands is held in our village in August. This festival is organised by the local brass band – Straňanka in cooperation with the municipal council.  Other brass bands from our country as well as from abroad are regularly invited to participate.


Meeting of Accordionists 

This event is always held on the holiday of St. Catherine and that is why this performance and dancing is called the Catherine´s Day. Local accordionists are accompanied by accordionists from other towns and villages of our country 


The following clubs and associations are active in our municipality: civil association SPOKOS, brass bands – Javorinka, Straňanka and Straňané, two cimbalom bands – Strýci (Uncles) and Husličky (Fiddles), a male voice choir  SEN, female voice choir Netáta, and the theatre company of Karel Höger. 


The religious customs are maintained as well, for example the Holy Communion, the Confirmation, and Corpus Christi (Body of Christ). Mainly during these religious festive days the locals wear folk costumes. In our village tourist  can also  see traditional weddings, pig killings etc. 


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