Accommodation in Strani and Its Neighbourhood

Guest house Na Zamecku

Tel.: +420 777 364 511 - Ms Andrea Straussova

E - mail:

Address: Nám. U Zámečku 71, 687 65 Strání


The guest house, which is in the ownership of the municipality, offers accommodation in 6 rooms. The price is determined according to the number of persons in one room, the number of nights spent and can depend also on using further services provided by the guest house and its restaurant. For example guests can be provided with a discount if they occupy the whole capacity of the guest house for more nights or if accommodation relates to organisation of celebrations, weddings, company training courses, etc.


2022 price list: 1 person/a room/a night    CZK 680

                          two and more persons /a room/a night   CZK 630

                        a suite for 2 persons/ a night    CZK 1,600 

                        1 person /a night - within an organised event    CZK 580.

The prices are without breakfast. Breakfast can be booked individually for CZK 135 per person.   The guest house and its restaurant offer organisation of events such as birthday celebrations, weddings, company´s trainings, special parties, etc., for the whole year including accommodation which, of course, can be used also for family holidays or long weekends. Guests can enjoy a taproom with a bar, a restaurant, a large hall for 150 persons, and 4 private rooms for 20 – 40  persons. In spring and summer months the guest house offers outside seating.  


 Popelka suites
Tel.: +420 776 810 899 – Mr  Pavel Popelka

E - mail:

Address: Sv. Cyrila a Metoděje 1094, 687 65 Strání


We offer accommodation in 5 suites (5 x 2 beds) with an option of outside seating. A washing machine, a  dryer, and a dishwasher are available for our guests.

Price per person:

  • 1 night : CZK 600
  • 2 and more nights: CZK 500


Accommodation provided by Žajgla family

Tel.: +420 775 620 611 – Ms  Lenka Popelková

E - mail:

Address: Na Kopci 17, 687 65 Strání

This facility offers 3 rooms (2x2 beds, 1x3 beds + 1 extra bed). Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, a furnished kitchenette, TV, and  air-conditioning. A parking lot is directly next to the facility. Children can use a little playground. We accept payment cards. There is also a shelter where guests can safely leave their bicycles. 


 Strání cabins - Popelka I, Popelka II

Tel: +420 608 443 631  Mr Josef Popelka


Popelka I cabin – A cabin having style, fully refurbished in 2017, where 6 – 8 persons can be accommodated. It is located in the heart of the White Carpathians in Strani, below Velka Javorina. The cabin is surrounded with amazing countryside forming a part of the Protected Landscape Area of the White Carpathians. The cabin is ideal for families with children, a group of friends or a team of colleagues who might decide to weld their group/team together. 
Popelka II cabin – A newly reconstructed cabin offers accommodation for 6 persons.




Lodging house (D type = lower level accommodation for tourists) at  DTJ Květná facility
Tel.: +420 605 548 853 - Mr Daniel Sedlecký

E - mail:

Address: Slovenská 440, 687 66 Strání - Květná

This lodging house is located in the Protected Landscape Area of the White Carpathians in Strání – Květná. Up to 28 tourists can be accommodated in the facility. (There are two rooms with two beds, two rooms with 3 beds, and two rooms furnished with 4 beds). Each room is equipped with a basin with drinkable cold and hot water. Tourists can use a larger room for their social gatherings where a little kitchenette is available for them. There is also a bathroom with showers to be shared for all rooms.  Furthermore, there is a bar with outside seating and a ski room. Guests can, of course, use all sports facilities located just next to the builing (three tennis courts, two playgrounds for volleyball and foot-tennis). There is also a gym with 20 machines for working out. In Strani-Kvetna tourists can make use of a number of brand new cyclo-tracks,  a natural trail, a swimming-pool, and in winter the area offers a ski tow (about 600 m long with artificial lighting of the ski slope). There are nice routes for cross-country skiing as well. Local beech forests call for amazing walks during which you can pick up mushrooms, raspberries, strawberries and other berries to be found there. Even in autumn tourists can admire colourful leaves in the local woods. Attention should be also paid to a trip to nearby Luhacovice spa and in Slovakia tourists can visit  Piešťany or Trenčanske Teplice spa and a very near place, outside Nove Mesto and Vahom, called Zelena Voda (Green Water). It is about a 6 km long lake which arose after gravel extraction and offers a crystal-clear water (just about 16 km from the lodging house).


Private accommodation -  Kvetna bungalow
Tel.: +420 776 013 873 - Mr Miroslav Popelka

Address: Slovenská 692, 687 66 Strání - Květná




Levander Cottage
Tel.: +420 605 870 700 – Mr  Radek Přikryl
Address: Zelnice 228, 687 65 Strání

Please, accept invitation to  peaceful atmosphere  of Levander Cottage in Strani, directly in the heart of  spectacular nature of the  Protected Landscape Area of the White Carpathians

Levander Cottage = an ideal holiday  for families with children, for romantic stays of couples, but also for holding company´s events and cultural events. We offer accommodation in a newly reconstructed cottage inside a large garden surrounded by a fence. You are, at one hand, in a peaceful countryside in a solitary  house, on the other hand, you can easily walk to the centre of the village where there is a chemist, a supermarket, a cash machine (ATM),  a post office, a bowling alley where you can enjoy delicious pizza. The land surrounding the cottage has 9,000 m2 where you can have a swim in a private swimming pool, sit on the two roofed terrasses, there is also a camp- fire ring, a barbecue smoker, a playground for children with wooden climbing frames, a sandpit, and swings, Russian skittles, a playground for volleyball and foot-tennis and much space for other outdoor activities. In near vicinity you can use two tennis courts, a football pitch, and a multifunctional playground with an artificial surface. The neighbourhood of the cottage offers well-labelled  hiking and cycling routes,  or you can enjoy sports fishing. You will not be bored in winter either as you may try downhill skiing on Strban skiing slope in Strani or Velka Javorina skiing centre. There are also many cross-country skiing tracks in the White Carpathians. So, you are invited to use all year- round accommodation in individual suites or you may  like to hire the whole cottage offering 10 beds in two suites each being furnished with 5 beds.


Accommodation  MAHDALOVI

Tel.: +420 739 358 284  - Ms  Jana Mahdalová

Address: U Třicátku 70 (next to the chemist), 687 65 Strání


We offer reasonably priced accommodation in a family house where you will have a private entrance. It is located next to the supermarket and restaurant. There are two not very big rooms furnished with three and two beds respectively. To get to the room with 3 beds you have to walk through the room with 2 beds. The kitchen is equipped with a gas cooker, a microwave, an electric kettle, a fridge, and all dishes necessary for cooking. There is also a bicycle room and outside seating when the weather is nice. Guests are provided with bed linen and towels. The rooms are equipped with a radio, TV and wi-fi. Parking is possible next to the house.

The price:  a person/a night   is CZK 500; two and more nights CZK 400 per person.   



Tel.: +420 604 961 584 - Mr. Václav Vintr

Address: Rubanice 421, 687 65 Strání


The  Tennis Centre Vintr offers also accommodation where you can stay overnight in a room with 4 beds including an equipped bathroom. There is also a furnished kitchenette with all necessary dishes, a TV set, and a radio.   

Holuby Chalet on the top of  Velka Javorina
Tel.: +421 323 700 338


A tourist chalet on the very top of Velka Javorina, the highest mountain  of the White Carpathians, again provides meals and accommodation. A new owner of the chalet strives to reconstruct the whole facility the condition of which was really poor. So, after climbing a mountain you can drop in for small refreshment  outside, where there is a fireplace, or you can go directly to the restaurant and apart from heaving a meal you can book a room if you wish to stay overnight. 



Lodging House  U kostela (At the church)  in  Březové

Tel.: +420 603 300 016 Ms  Grulichová
Address: 687 67 Březová č.p. 10

Mrs Grulichová offers a suite for 5 persons to spend a nice holiday. The suite is made up of a bedroom, alittle kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower.  You can enjoy outside seating in the garden.
This  little house is located in the centre of the village opposite the church. Brezova is a perfect starting point for walks across the White Carpathians or car trips to the neighbourhood.  



Obec Strání: Obecní úřad Strání
Adresa: Na Kopci 321, 687 65 Strání
IČ: 00 29 13 40
DIČ: CZ 00 29 13 40
ID: 32aba8z
Ústředna: (+420) 572 695 210


Náměstí U Zámečku 71, 687 65 Strání
Mgr. Andrea Straussová
Mobil: 777 364 511
Tel.: 572 632 353


Infocentrum Strání (Mikroregion Bílé Karpaty)
Barbora Macková
Areál ZŠ – půdní vestavba
Rubanice 877, 687 65 Strání
Tel./fax: 572 695 240
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